A Century of Secrets ~ Teresa Syms

A Century of Secrets by Teresa Syms is a “disturbingly brilliant” true story of oppression and redemption.

A Century of Secrets proves that truth is stranger than fiction. I often found myself puzzled, outraged, fed up and completely in awe of the human spirit. I am forever grateful to Teresa Syms for writing her story in the third person. This technique allowed me to often get lost in the story instead of being caught up in the notion that all this was happening to someone “for real.” That would have either left me with a broken or an outraged heart and no clue what to do with it.

Not coming from a legacy of oppression and abuse as this book depicts, this story challenged me. It challenged me to endure, to hope, and most importantly it challenged my ability to be compassionate. At times I thought I couldn’t read further, and then I read “you’re not finished here yet” so I read on, just as Teresa carried on.

There is hope. There is help. Teresa is living proof of this.

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