Jody Doty: Soul Reader, Psychic-Intuitive-Medium

Jody Doty is a Soul Reader, Psychic-Intuitive-Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Internet Radio Host of “Divine Explorations with Jody Doty”

Jody Doty is also the Author of the new book “Divine Explorations and Moon Soul Musings … A Poetic Wandering Along the River.” Her words are inspired through daily mediation on the divine that every moment guides us on our journey. You will find that her words flow from the deep heart that beats within each person. Jody’s “soul’ writings, musings and poetry are focused on living your best life through the lens of the divine perspective. Her words are shared with the hope that they will speak to the heart and soul, help light a path and provide hope, encouragement and inspiration.

In addition, Jody has created or co-created:

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In this show Jody Doty and I went on our own Poetic Wandering of sorts, we spoke about:

  • Where & when inspiration can find you – sometimes that’s exactly where’ you’d least expect it.
  • We discussed how being positive, uplifting, encouraging and supportive does not mean ignoring the less shiny aspects of living.

And we still had a few minutes left to talk about what happens after the book launch, and a few ways she’s found to broaden the reach of her creation.

Listen to the full show below & purchase the book by clicking on its image above.

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