The Best Gifts for Writers

What do you buy a writer?

The struggle is real! Finding unique and meaningful gifts for writers can be a challenge. In this show I share some interesting ideas to move you beyond cliché journals … and alcohol. Join me as I share some interesting ideas to make your writer feel inspired, loved and encouraged. In fact, I’d be tempted to call them The Best Gifts for Writers! To be honest I could also call this list MY Wish List! haha

Note: I’ve listed these gifts (mostly) in order from low to high pricing. In some cases I have used Affiliate links so if you do make a purchase I may receive compensation at no additional cost to you.

Here is my list of the Best Gifts for Writers


$19.93 on Amazon This is a fun “scrabble without a board” kind of game. For a writer, I’d suggest a different use. I’d grab a handful of letters, create words and use those words as a writing prompt to get those creative juices flowing.

Aqua Notes

$20.49 on Amazon. We all know that the best ideas come to us in the shower! There’s good science behind that too. I’ve had characters and plot lines develop at lightening speed in the shower. But how do you capture all those brilliant thoughts? I had been threatening to try whiteboard markers in the shower but this might be a better idea!

Books About Writing & Creativity

While this could rank in the realm of cliché gifts, I’ve recently read some wonderful books about writing. Some of my favorites are: Jeff Goins You Are a Writer and Real Artists Don’t Starve. Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic is one I’ve listened to and read countless times. Ann Lamott contributes another of my favourites in Bird by Bird.

Books to Build Writing Skills

A Writer’s Workbook is one book that I’ve used myself.

There are also a number of great books with writing prompts here. When you’re looking at these books as gifts for writers, look for books that either match what your writer’s genre OR are completely different. You’ll pick the completely different ones ONLY if your writer has mentioned wanting to exercise their skills.

Adult Colouring Books & other creative supplies (or classes)

Writers can be chronically creative people. Why not feed their creativity! This type of gift is to get our heads out of writing but still be in the creative zone. Sometimes when we’re doing other things like painting or colouring any troubles we had in our writing project can sort out – because our brain is more relaxed.


Notecards can be used two ways for your writer:

  • Give a box of blank notecards so your writer can use them as they wish.
  • Purchase a set of at least 52 notecards (or many sets) and write notes of encouragement and love to them. Tell them what you love about their creativity or their writing to show you really care. With a gift like that they can dip into the stack any time they need a boost or they can choose one each week!

Business Cards or Bookmarks

Show your writer it’s time to claim their place in the writing world by having business cards with their name and “Writer” or “Author” on them. Personally I like the bookmark idea – they can give them out with their latest book or use them instead of traditional business cards. If you need help with designing such a gift, I’m happy to assist! Contact me for more information.

Well Crafted Pen

gifts for writers$25.00 and up. Every author dreams of the day of their book launch. We have fantasies of well attended, black-tie book launches which inevitably involve a fancy pen. I found these pens at an art show the day after the radio show about gifts!

I couldn’t resist buying one of these pens that is crafted from local wood. It has beautiful crystals too! And it is so perfectly smooth and balanced in my hand, it’s like it was made for me. (Admittedly I am a little wild for natural materials and textures.) This artist even had pens made from wood with bolt-action “clickers” like guns use. They made me wish I knew an author of western novels!

For these pens contact Chuck Lamrock of East Coast Wood Turnings at

Nicely Framed Print of Their Book Cover

Getting access to the artwork for a book cover might be tricky, but it’s oh so worth it! If you know the artist who created it, they can get you a high quality graphic that can easily be scaled without losing quality. Work with a local framing shop or your can get almost anything printed online these days.

Udemy Courses Home page 125x125$10.00 and UP! I love Udemy so much I’ve become an affiliate! They have tech courses, writing courses, and so much more! I’ve taken writing, marketing and photography courses so far through it. I’ll be offering relevant specials to my list throughout the year so sign up!

Udemy offers gift cards as well – just in case you don’t know what kind of course your writer will love.


Writers are the observers of the world but we can get caught up in the confines of our desk chair or local coffee shop. Take your writer o a museum and lunch, or a picnic. If you know what they’re writing about, pick an experience that relates to it. Basically, anything goes when you’re feeding a writer’s inspiration. Or really … just get them away from the keyboard!

Creative Subscriptions

creative giftsThis one is $49.00 every 3 months. Stay Creative Box is a recently launched program that I am completely excited about! I found out about this through Bloggers of Canada. OH! If your writer is a Canadian Blogger … GET THEM ON THERE!

A Feature Spot Here on The Cottage Wife!!!

a gift for your writer$125.00 I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the gift of a Feature here is my idea of the best gift for writers! You’ll be showing your writer just how confident in their craft you are. You’ll be helping them share there work to a much wider audience.

Writing Retreat

This is one BIG gift that you can choose your investment. You can plan a DIY retreat with an Air BnB rental and a bag of groceries. And there are a number of formal retreats for writers. I suppose workshops could fit into this but I’m thinking more like “escape the world and write” getaways. I think I’ve mentioned that my Guest Parrish Wilson holds retreats near Ottawa, Canada. You can find out more about her retreats here.

Services of an Editor or Writing Coach

Editors and Writing Coaches can be big investments for writers. And often, they are the most crucial elements of a successful writing project (well…aside from the actual writing!). This could be a great group gift too! You already know how much I appreciate Cheri Caddick and Parrish Wilson so I’d recommend them without hesitation. Be sure to either allow your writer to choose the person they want to work with or at least research people to find a good fit for them (genre, personality etc.).

WHEW! That’s my list of the best gifts for writers!

If you still need some guidance or assistance in sourcing some of these gifts, please contact me. I’m happy to curate the perfect gift for your writer!

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