Blake Powell Asks: Are You a Bulletproof Writer?

What is a bulletproof writer?

If you’ve been watching my blog lately, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been binge reading about writing and creativity. One of the common threads I’ve noticed in all of my reading is the idea of writing community. In my recent post I mention a number of Facebook groups that are a contribution to my community. In this show Blake Powell, creator of the Bulletproof Writers group joins me to talk about what it takes to be a Bulletproof Writer.

Blake is an author, blogger, and dreamer based in Vancouver, Canada. He helps writers discover the power of their voice and create their dream lives. When he’s not writing, he enjoys drinking coffee and reading a good book.

Here are some of the highlights from the show:

Would you be willing to not take all the “expert advice” on and find what actually works for you?

When Blake was starting out with his writing, he found himself getting overwhelmed by all of the advice offered by the experts on the right way to write. That included both technical and marketing advice! Now, he’s on a mission to guide fellow writers through all the noise, to find the voice and practices that work best for them.

When you’re creating something from nothing you must be prepared to embrace the despair you’ll feel about the creative process inside. Blake Powell

We had a great conversation about “writer’s block.” Blake is convinced that the notion is a myth and the only thing standing between you and your work is … well…you! Writing can be an unnerving process, especially when there is no way of knowing the end result. That unnerved feeling is what can stop any writer mid-sentence. The defining element for a writer is whether they choose to move beyond the uncertainty or not. If you choose to move beyond it … that’s what makes a Bulletproof Writer.

Alright, so even if you do stall out (I’m refusing to say blocked here!), Blake’s advice is to just write anything! You don’t necessarily have to work on your current project when you’re feeling stuck; write anything. Of course, this writing thing is a highly personal endeavor; it may be harder for one person to write anything than it is for another. You’ll have to find or create the tricks that work for you.

100 Words – That’s all you have to write today!

Many writers set daily writing targets: 500 words, 1000 words and the like. 500 or 1000 words may not seem like a big target but for a “blocked” writer, they’re mammoth! A big goal, while admirable, can be the very thing that makes us not write at all. Blake’s idea is to set ridiculously small goals. Well, nearly anyone can write 100 words! He’s found that after those first 100 words, they begin to flow more freely.

Writing Mastery with Blake Powell

Writing Mastery is Blake’s new course offering in which he’ll be guiding a small group of writers to build the foundations for their writing life. It begins on December 12th, 2017. This is an ideal course for writers who are just starting out and for those of us who have been doing it for some time but just don’t seem to be gaining any traction or an audience. Find out more at

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