Carol Glover: An Interview

In this interview, Inspired Choices Network Owner & Friend, Christine McIver turns the tables on me and interviews me about my book and my craft of writing.

Be prepared for some laughter!

As usual when Christine & I get together, we tend to laugh … a lot, and we get a little silly sometimes. And then we get into some really meaty bits about writing the tougher stuff. We talk a bit about writing bits that you know some people won’t write: how I got through those spots and the fallout from publishing them. (Relax! It’s not all what you’d expect.)

Christine asks the big question …

“With the book in your head for so long, how did you know it was time to write it?” Not only do I answer that question but I go on to talk about allowing your work to change and morph into something you weren’t expecting and what to do when that happens.

Listen to the full episode below or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!

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