The Day I Decided to Let My Gray Hair Grow In Naturally

It all started with a lovely salon colour!

Actually … honestly … I’ve tried this at least 5 times now. I have good reasons to stop colouring my hair dammit! So, I’d stop colouring my hair until it got to 1 – 1 1/2 inches of growth. This was always the point when I’d start to feel like I was “letting myself go.” I’d look in the mirror and sigh at my lack of skills in hair styling so the roots wouldn’t show so badly. It’s the time I ALWAYS surrendered and would pull out the colour bottles and latex gloves. 

Then, one day over the holidays, I thought: maybe I don’t have to go cold turkey! One of my sisters went to a stylist and had about a year or so of visits to weave in high and low-lights to soften her transition. Maybe that was the best choice for me as well! I was suddenly excited … and relieved … at the idea of transitioning more gracefully. That day I made an appointment for a cut and colour consult with a new stylist I’d just started going to. (insert ominous foreshadowing music here)

We have a strategy!

On the day of the cut I rallied every ounce of courage I had and said “it’s talk about transitioning to gray hair.” The lady sitting two chairs down, the one with her head covered in foil for her root touch-ups, looked up from her magazine aghast! I carried on … “I’m tired of the battle, I’m tired of the chemicals. It’s time, and how can you help me do this a bit more gracefully?” 

My new stylist enthusiastically started showing me where she’d put darker colours and lighter highlights. She talked about my natural hair colour – which she could clearly determine from the 1 1/2″ roots – and how easy this could be for me. I admit I was a little shocked at her enthusiasm – considering this meant I wasn’t going to be a slave to colour anymore – and that’s her bread and butter! But by the end of the appointment I was confident that she understood my mission and that we had a plan. I made an appointment for the colour job the next day – to be sure I didn’t have enough time to lose my nerve. 

I didn’t get what she told me she would do!!!

When I go there, she sat me in the chair and we went over the strategy again. She showed me two colours that she would weave into my current colour to begin the transition. One was what my dark natural colour looked like, and the other was a lovely shade of silver. I was ecstatic! This was going to happen! Knowing this would take at least a couple hours, I brought a good book and a cup of coffee. I was committed! 

As the stylist turned off her blow dryer, set down her brush and spun my chair around, she said “this is better, the other colour is not for us.” THAT is a direct quote! At the end of the almost 3 hours this is what I got …

Day One Growing Out Gray HairThere is no dark brown and there is no gray! It was still cute and I had exactly three thoughts in quick succession: 

  1. Maybe she does know better than me.
  2. Maybe I misunderstood her; this must be my fault.
  3. It is pretty cute. It’s just like one of the pictures I was looking at last night. Maybe it will be okay. 

So, I went home. Brian saw it and actually really liked it. So, while I looked at the roots of the new colour job I thought, I don’t know how this is going to come out well, but I have to trust the process. 


A mere 2 weeks later, there were my silver and dark roots all over again. So now – from scalp to end I have … salt & pepper, dark ashy/red-y brown.

Here’s a quick video of me “going public” with this …


Time to trust the process!

6 weeks of gray hair growthThis is me now at 6 weeks … the point where I feel like I’m starting to look like I’m letting myself go. Hey! I just realized … at 5′ tall this is what most people see! hahahah 

Anyway, like I said in my previous post, the water here at the cottage strips colour pretty quickly, but somehow it hasn’t stripped that shaded line between the caramel and the salt & pepper. 

Time for me to take a deep breath, google “hairstyles to hide roots” and soldier on! 

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