This has been a very challenging week or two for me. I’ve had loads of work to do but frankly, I became my own worst client. I couldn’t settle down to any given task for more than a few minutes before I thought of something else to get into; I welcomed requests for non-essential meetings and my to-do list piled up. I wound up frustrated and beating myself up a little for not getting essential work done. That is until I had a visit with my friend/Reiki practitioner Tammy. She told me to look for the nugget in this.

Imagine my surprise when I found a few nuggets of wisdom buried in my distraction and frustration.

  1. Distraction is a signal. I’ve been giving work my all lately – eating, sleeping, breathing it. When you’re building your business you almost need to be obsessed with it BUT be mindful of your health. I’m tired, really tired. This weekend I will not work, I will do fun things like sleep, read and spend time with my sister and her family – that’s always fun. Take time for yourself and while your work might be fun, it is still work and you need to take breaks. Another thing I tell clients and forgot to do for myself.
  2. Productivity has many faces. I was frustrated with myself that I wasn’t getting anything done but upon reflection, it’s been a very good week for my business. Reflect back on how you spent your time; maybe it wasn’t exactly to plan but perhaps what you did accomplish was equally valuable. Go with it!
  3. Get back on the horse. I tell people all the time that it’s okay to slip away from the processes, checklists and schedules as long as you learn to catch yourself, forgive yourself and get back into the routine. Now, I know for sure that this is true. This morning I woke up fresh, organized, and had a very productive/redeeming day.

Does this make me any less of a business advisor? I don’t believe it does. It makes me human and will serve to give me understanding of and compassion for what my clients are going through. I would be less of a coach if I let my distraction and exhaustion get the better of me while I still preaching disciplined business practices.

Thanks Tammy!

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