Divine Explorations and Moon Soul Musings … A Poetic Wandering Along the River by Jody Doty

This book by Jody Doty is not a frivolous use of time.

When I first found out about “Divine Explorations and Moon Soul Musings … A Poetic Wandering Along the River” by Jody Doty, I expected longer poems and esoteric thoughts. I expected to have trouble getting through it because poetry often, to me, seems a frivolous use of time.

What I received with Jody Doty’s book is a place to pause, a place to think, and space to breathe. The musings in this book are mostly short and concise; I like that. The lovely combination of words and images caused me to take a breath and be okay with relaxing and savoring the book, rather than racing on to busy things. This book is a reminder that it’s ok to pause and just be, or dream, or think.

In several places throughout this book, I’d see myself and wonder for a moment how Jody could see me she doesn’t even know me. How could she know the way old farmhouses or trees affect my Being? Her capacity for creating images with words creates moments where anyone can find themselves in this book.

Jody’s explorations of some of the darker sides of human existence are from a place of kindness, gentleness, and simply observing rather than judging: acknowledging and receiving rather than fighting. The musings have the unexpected side effect of making one ponder their own circumstance.

This is one of those books that I purchase as an eBook and I will definitely be purchasing in hard copy so I can feel it, linger over it, and open it wherever I wish in a moment. Thank you Jody for creating the space to just BE.

Find out more about Jody Doty here.

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