Eventually You Have to Write!

I didn’t want to write another post about not writing and how okay that is … sometimes. So, I had to actually get myself writing! One thing I’ve discovered is that I’m really good at talking about writing and learning about writing – and I’ve been crap at actually DOING the WRITING!

Eventually though … you have to start writing!

I think I forget that sometimes you just have to write because, often, the story is already playing in my head. In fact, this story often plays like a movie in my head – and in my dreams, as if it is already done. That sounds like a really cool thing. Most days it is fascinating to watch. And then there are days when what I’m watching in my head changes everything I was actually planning to write!

This week I’ve had character a character completely change her back-story and another character demand to come into the story earlier. That kind of changes everything! That second character has in fact taken on a whole new meaning to me. She is the one that shifted me from talking about writing (or not writing) into actually writing! She seems to be demanding that this story be told … NOW!

The trouble with demanding characters!

While I appreciate the nudge (kick in the ass) to get down to writing, it’s been a little unnerving to discover that I have nearly lost my initial outline. To be more accurate, the premise remains intact, and most of the structure is still holding, but the story has become much deeper, richer and much more complex. Hey! I just described a good wine!

That character, the bossy one who wants into the story earlier, has found me with my mind boggled, fully charged with excitement and yes, at one point even weeping. It was the weeping part that actually drove me to get writing. The weeping also found me having a conversation with my Dad about the character. That conversation is in a “to be continued” state but I’m feeling pretty good about it. The weeping part found me writing the Post Script on Tuesday – and I’ve barely even started the book!

The trouble with the story getting deeper and richer is that I know those first 6 chapters will have to be rewritten. It’s tempting to go back and do that now but it seems more fitting to carry on with the story and go back to fix the beginning later. Time will tell if I have enough will-power to not go back! In the meantime, I make notes on the first chapters as I continue writing the rest.

The story becomes a mission.

This week definitely feels like a turning point in the creation of this story. Now the story has become a mission. This story has put itself on a timeline and finally given itself a “working title” … and I’m feeling rather insecure about it all. This could turn out to be mission impossible – it seems beyond my skills to do what’s in my head any justice. Yet, there is something about not knowing how I’m going to do this that is making it even more exciting. The project has turned from me leading the characters through my plan to them taking over the plan almost entirely. It’s unnerving and extremely thrilling to be in this position.

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