Falling Down Girl – Cheri L.R. Taylor (Caddick)

I posted this review of Falling Down Girl by Cheri L.R. Taylor on Amazon in November 2015 (right after the book was released), and it bears repeating here.

Cheri L.R. Taylor’s book needs to come with a warning … something like “Do not read this book in a crowded room; you will be forced to stop reading to explain why you are laughing until the tears roll or gasping as you hold your breath in anticipation of the fresh embarrassment coming up as you turn the page.” Or something like that.

I love how the author writes so I can see and smell the surroundings, and almost taste the mother’s cooking.

This book makes Bridget Jones Diary look tame! I think I can skip my next few ab workouts … I was laughing so hard my stomach muscles hurt the next day.

This is my favorite book of the year!

Find out more about Cheri here.

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