Gratitude: The Space Between Seconds

Every poem is an act of gratitude to the experience.

Before I opened “Gratitude: The Space Between Seconds” I made a wish: I wish poets would tell me what their inspiration was. I opened the book and there it was! My wish come true! At the end of each poem, Lorene shares what was happening in her life at the time she wrote it. Thank you Lorene!

The funny thing is … one person’s inspiration speaks to another person’s experience. For example, she writes about the loss of a loved one which brings my dear Grandfather to mind. I read on … the poem was about her cat. A CAT! A single poem can evoke so many emotions in so many readers. I love that about poetry! And I’m so grateful to Lorene for sharing her story within her poetry; it actually made the experience of reading so much deeper for me.

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