Why I’m Choosing to Go Gray and What Scares Me About It

The Journey to Gray Hair Begins

I have been home colouring my hair to conceal gray for maybe 15 years with the occasional salon colour. On January 5th, 2018 I decided that the time has come to transition to gray. I’m 51 years old now so really, gray hair shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone! I went to a salon for a colour consultation to see if using salon colour would help ease that transition. In that consultation, the stylist gave me a great sense of comfort that she understood what I was trying to achieve and she explained how she would help me get there. It all made perfect sense and I felt really comfortable with her strategy so I made an appointment to come back the next day and get this party started.

I’ll describe more about that appointment in the next post! In this post I want to document my reasons for this choice, at this time in my life. So … here they are … THE BIG 3 REASON’s 

Maintaining the Colour is Making Me Crazy

There are a lot of reasons why the upkeep of the colour but the two key factors are: my hair grows fairly fast and the water at the cottage seems to strip colour fast. I also tend toward oily hair so I’m not able to let the washings go to avoid the colour stripping effects. Colouring my hair every 2-3 weeks? Well, considering I don’t make time to hit up nail salons to get my nails done EVER, taking time to maintain my colour just isn’t in my nature. 

Commercial Chemicals Scare Me

As I embrace a more natural life-style (making my own face serums and body washes), and limit the amount of commercially prepared foods, putting chemicals on my scalp started to seem a little creepy … and incongruent (is that a word) with the way I wanted my life to be. Yes, I know everything on this planet has some sort of chemical composition. What I’m talking about here is the toxic cocktail of chemicals we are exposed to in our food, toothpaste, body care products etc. If I’m trying to do everything else “right” why the heck am I continuing to pour bottles of scary chemicals on my head every month? I no longer makes sense to me. 

Embracing My St-age

It’s weird. I don’t feel my age. In fact, I’ve just spent about an hour surfing the net for information about transitioning to gray hair and wound up on lots of sites for people “in their 40’s.” I found a lot of women much younger than me with the guts to embrace gray hair – so … what the heck is my problem?! In truth, I don’t feel any different her in my 50’s than I did in my 30’s. Sure, I’ve got several more pounds on my body (something else to work on – maybe that will distract me during the growing out of my hair!). Honestly, I’m happier in my body and in my life than I have at any other st-age … so it’s time to embrace it … maybe … I think. So it appears that I don’t feel my age and yet I desire to embrace it. This part might become a little odd (one of the reasons why I’m documenting this). 

For the record, I’m not sure Brian is really down with this idea. We’ve had a number of conversations about which have all basically led us to extending the timeline for this transition for a couple years. I think the last time we talked about it I was at 55 and then maybe it will be time. Well, after my last salon colour and … now that I think of it, my last post … NOW is the time … I think. At least I’m going to give it a solid attempt! 

Here is Ground Zero! January 6th, 2018. My last salon colour (which is not what we spoke about in the consult – but that’s another post). 

Day One Growing Out Gray Hair
I wish I had a picture of the roots on this one! 
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