Keisha Clark: Author & Lyricist

Author, Lyricist & Empowerment Agent

Keisha Clark is a fellow Host on the Inspired Choices Network, an author, lyricist and so much more!

Keisha is a happily unconventional Empowerment Agent. She blends her capacities in the Intuitive and Healing Modalities and Divination Arts, to facilitate her clients and students into greater awareness, clarity and confidence.  She speaks to All of the energies having to do with changing anything you desire to change.

Keisha brings her relentless curiosity, her potent kindness and her willingness to put every topic on the table for discussion, and she offers it to you with no judgment and no expectation of you.  She will challenge you to shift your perspectives and shatter your limitations!

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“Our creations are a constant exploration and education of ourselves.” Keisha Clark

Global Embrace is a song that “sang itself” to Keisha Clark over 3 years ago. This is her first song to be released but not the first song to come to her.

While Keisha has written lyrics and has contributed to two books, she required someone to write the music for her. (Aha! Another kind of writing!) This song required collaboration and patience to bring it to life. The patience for this project came in when it took Keisha quite some time to find the “right” person to create the music for the lyrics.

Patience is not always easy for a creative soul.

Patience is not always easy for a creative soul and in this show we discuss why it is so important for our creations. Have you ever been inspired and then pushed and pushed until your creation was launched? And how did it turn out? When the inspiration strikes, we can fall into the trap of thinking that the product must be created instantly.

When we push our creations they can be published before they are mature. Sometimes they take time for more information and inspiration to come to us to bring the creation to its fullness. If you’re anything like Keisha and me, the results of the pushing usually leave us feeling a little unfulfilled. The key is to be patient and check in with it to see what it requires throughout the process. I know it sounds woo-woo but our writing can take on a life of its own and like any relationship it requires communication.

The good thing about being disappointed with the product of our writing is that we can change it!

We can publish 2nd and 3rd editions. We can turn them into something else entirely! We can even revisit things we’ve written years ago and been proud of, and still revise them to make them more than what they were. We evolve so why can’t our creations?

When asked about those times when the stillness of our creations leads us to doubting our talent or capabilities, Keisha reminds us that “this creation/inspiration showed up to YOU.” She adds that our writing is always about so much more than the product. Our creations remind us of what we’re capable of. Our creations are a constant exploration and education of ourselves.

Sample Global Embrace here.

Purchase Global Embrace here.

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