Krista Harrison: Nutritionist & Fundraising Cookbook Author

Krista Harrison is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Culinary Nutrition Expert, Certified Reflexologist, and Author. Most importantly Krista is Mom to three beautiful, creative and inspirational children.

Through the healing power of whole foods, honing into her innate wisdom, and learning how to be present within the moment, she has freed herself of many constraints and ailments.  These events lead Krista down a path and culminated in her first book, Living Your Dreams. Living Your Dreams is a guide to support women in seeing the beauty within themselves, acknowledge their unique gifts and follow the song of their heart.

After graduating with honours from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, she was motivated and inspired to create a cookbook for kids and parents.  The goal is for families to cook together exploring gratitude and an appreciation for real food.  Growing Up Nourished was published in December of 2016 and encourages families to journey together through healthy and mindful living.

Krista Harrison’s mission is to educate and bring awareness to the importance of raising our children through whole foods, along with incorporating the integral art of mindfulness.

Leading workshops for kids and adults, teaching classes, running seminars at schools, and writing all bring joy to Krista and are avenues for her passion to be shared.

Does the thought of having children in the kitchen make you cringe? Do you think that getting a meal to the table is stressful enough without the kids underfoot? I did too! This conversation with Author Krista Harrison changed everything!

Krista has a long term relationship with nutrition and with writing; this cookbook was a natural marriage of her two passions. Kids Cooking from Scratch is a passion project & fundraising effort for Krista to contribute to children’s nutrition efforts in her community. The book includes recipes gathered from children as well as some great resources for parents. While she has plans to get the book up on Amazon, it isn’t quite available there yet. You can contact Krista to purchase the book through her website.

In this show Krista shared some of her thoughts on getting children involved in the kitchen using age appropriate tasks such as setting the table, stirring ingredients, cleaning up and helping with meal preparation. She also shared some hints for living with picky eaters and how to get your children involved when you’re not so confident in the kitchen yourself.

Imagine turning a question from your child into a learning opportunity for both of you!

We discovered how relationships built in the kitchen can spill into so many other areas of our lives.

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