Leaving the Comfort Zone

It took me some time to decide what to write in my first BLOG. Then I started to think about the process. It’s something I haven’t done before. It is certainly not comfortable trying to exercise the writer in me. This is completely out of my comfort zone. That led me to thinking about the other things I’ve done that haven’t been comfortable and I realized that my life has been full of stepping outside of what is comfortable. Why on earth does a person do that?!

Some of the things I’ve done that were not comfortable include:

  1. Joining Army Cadets. You have to understand that I was THE shyest person on the planet! (My nick names have been Mouse and Turtle) I quickly found out that shyness was not an option. In stepping out of my comfort zone I made some of the best friends I’ve ever had, learned that I was actually a leader, and firearms training was a blast!
  2. Working for Canadian Airlines was my next big step. I was introduced to the world of travel which naturally leads you out of what you are familiar with (not to mention standby travel can be terrifying). I also had the opportunity to live far away from home when I moved to Halifax. It was the scariest thing so far, not being within a couple hours of family and being in completely unfamiliar territory. Had I not traveled or moved away from home I never would have seen some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world or seen homes people have been living in since before the time of Christ.
  3. Unemployment is certainly outside of my comfort zone. Unlike all the steps I have taken along the way this was not a choice I made. I was placed outside of my comfort zone. I believe this to be the most uncomfortable challenge yet. So far I have met some fascinating people; I was able to spend an amazing summer with family and friends without being interrupted by conference calls or email obsessions. This experience has made me more humble. I have learned that I am not immune to adversity; I have just been lucky to avoid it for so long. I have learned that how I react to the tough times makes the difference. I’m not saying I don’t have little melt-downs behind closed doors but I quickly pick myself back up and get the heck back out there – tears and frustration get me nowhere.
  4. Did I ever imagine I would own my own business? Not on your life! But I do. Do you know how scary it is knowing that you are the only person responsible for your future? There was no corporate structure to make the big decisions, no team pick up the slack. Without it, I may never have learned how creative I can be or how miraculous nature can be.

The moral of the story is that leaving your comfort zone can reward you with experiences beyond your imagination. Did I think I’d ever ride a zip line through a rainforest, raft through rapids of glacial water, stand at the Acropolis or be a Step-Mom? NO! Without these experiences I would not have the confidence to put myself actively into the world as I do. Remembering the feeling of increased strength and confidence gives me the ability to try new things without fear. Without my successes along the way I would not have the knowledge, confidence or faith that I can weather the adversity and go into the next challenge even stronger.

So, welcome to my BLOG! Another new – somewhat terrifying – experience that I hope will be a contribution to both of us.

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