Limitation of You

Would diamonds and gems be valuable as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more if they didn’t have facets to make them sparkle?

Would gold be so valuable if it had to stay as a nugget or fleck?

Of course not! So why do we force ourselves to choose to do or be only one thing at a time?

When I first started FireHorse Consulting, I followed the big name coaches and business gurus. I thought that if I did whatever they told me to do I would be successful because they appeared to be successful. I figured they must know more about my business than I do. Cute … not so bright. I chose to deem others more expert than me about me, which led me to choose what was supposed to be the most lucrative of my talents and put the rest on the shelf.

I found myself excluding talents and actually referring away work I knew I could do because it wasn’t that one thing I chose to focus on. This led me to frustration and smothering most of me. It led me to the breakdown – but not the end – of my business. Can one person really be great at more than one thing and still be effective? Yes of course! I can say that with conviction because nature proves it every day.

How much of who we are and what we can contribute to the world do we cut off when we buy into the lie that we must choose only one talent to share?

This concept of choosing one talent really hit home for me the other day when I met with an extremely gifted artist for a conversation about her business. She was feeling conflicted and anxious because her mentors were urging her to focus on only one art form because it is the most lucrative. It’s difficult to argue with extremely successful people and yet everything in her body was telling her it didn’t have to be the way they said it did.

When she showed me the many forms of creation she is capable of, and clearly she can do them all extremely well, I immediately saw a flow between them. Her business simply required some focus on one aspect for a little while so she could create more in the long run. The ease and space created in that short conversation was palpable. She could now honour all of her beautiful facets and contribute more to the world! And believe me, this woman’s art is a contribution on so many levels.

Choice is supposed to be expansive not limiting, and yet the “experts” have made choosing restrictive.

Watching the change in her, experiencing my own relief when I chose to offer more by using all of my talents, and seeing more people do this successfully gives me hope that more of us can break free from the limitation choice has become. You can feel the difference between the two types of choice:

  • I choose to be a consultant.
  • I choose to be a consultant and a website designer and a radio show producer and do energy work and write and…

What would you choose if choosing didn’t mean limiting your contribution to yourself and the world?

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