Lorene Hughes: Author & Possibilities Maverick

Lorene Hughes is a New Zealand born creator of possibilities.

The eldest of her siblings, Lorene Hughes made the courageous choice to follow her heart and move to Australia in 2010. With no family to meet her, and knowing no one in Adelaide besides a contact from her auntie in Brisbane, she stepped off that plane and began a brave new adventure.

Lorene has had many twists and turns in her life and through it all, even in those darkest moments when living just didn’t seem possible anymore, she came out of the darkness even brighter than when she went in!

Continually searching for more natural healing solutions lead her to make the astounding confirmation that she indeed has psychic abilities and energetic healing capacities! She discovered and acknowledged this through the tools of Access Consciousness®.

Lorene is now creating a life where her awareness and knowing are acknowledged and respected. She has created a space where happiness and peace with body, mind and being is the generative and creative place for her to be functioning from. She is happily combining her energetic capacities and her community work in a magical combination.

Her book Gratitude ~ The Space Between Seconds: Poetry and Prose from the Heart is a journey from total numbness to consciousness. This is her discovery of the whispers of awareness that have been locked into the once closely held secret pages of her poetry book.

What is it about poetry that speaks to the heart, to the condition of being human? And how is it possible that a poem about a cat for one person can speak to the loss of a parent for another? Those are just a few questions discussed during this interview with Lorene Hughes.

Listen to our conversation about heartbreak and gratitude, and having the nerve to publish. This conversation with Lorene is like having coffee with your best friend and walking away inspired and like you’ve just had the best hug! She read poetry and shared her thoughts on what gratitude is for her.

Each poem is a “Thank-you” to her life’s experience.

Lorene shares that if she knew up front what it would take to publish this book, she may not have done it. Being transported back to certain periods of her life wasn’t always pleasant but it was a worthwhile task. Lorene felt extremely vulnerable in publishing her very private poetry. Vulnerable and empowered in that it allowed her to claim her story. In the end though, she couldn’t NOT publish it.

For Lorene, the creation of this book was largely a solo endeavor. While many authors have editors, graphic artists and publicists behind them, Lorene has done it herself. She admits though that her small group of friends as cheerleaders certainly kept her motivated along the way.

She continues to write, currently on her blog, as writing is a way for her to process her experience.

You can purchase the book here.

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