5 Questions Writers Should Ask Themselves ~ Guest Cheri Caddick

So you want to “be a writer.” Listen in as Guest Cheri Caddick and I discuss 5 Great Questions Writers Should Ask Themselves.

What are the 5 Great Questions Potential Writers Should Ask Themselves?

  1. Do you want to write a book or have a book?

    • There is a difference between writing a book, and publishing a book. Cheri clearly outlines that difference and assures us that no one desire is greater than the other.
  2. Is writing work or play?

    • Basically, if you enjoy it, you should do it; if you don’t enjoy it, you should have someone else do it for you.
    • Cheri says “Writing could be the most joyful thing you do, for yourself, every day.” There’s surely 20 minutes somewhere – for YOU!
  3. Do you have an extra set of eyes?

    • If it’s not journaling, have someone take a look at what you have written. Family and friends are great – at first – but you don’t want them as your only pre-publication audience.

You’ll have to listen to the show to hear the rest! I’ll give you a hint though: somewhere in there we addressed the whole “What will Mom say?” nightmare.

Find Cheri’s new book Falling Down Girlfriend here.

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