Carol Glover – Business & Project Team Facilitator 

Carol Glover

“Carol is the kind of advisor you want in your corner when details and figures are not your strong point. She has a way of bringing out the best in people and helping them see solutions instead of problems.” CB

Process Improvement & Documentation * Project Coordination * Vendor Management * Customer Service * Resource Management 

With my appreciation for process, pragmatic management, and foresight, I am an essential component to achieving project success.

Career Snapshot

10+ years advising small businesses in management and business process practices, 20+ years of airline experience. Highly adaptable and resilient, I am the “voice of reason” in unexpected situations. Skilled communicator and people manager, effectively persuading those resistant to change. Technology and business savvy ensure technically sound proposals and financially accountable solutions.

For Example:

  • I have successfully guided several small business owners to manage and grow sustainable businesses.
  • I had a successful career with Air Canada (20 years) including as Project Test Manager of multi-million dollar, multi-site, broad spectrum user base software development and legacy system replacement projects.
  • I solved multiple issues while replacing and integrating 30 year-old operational system, with limited documentation and little, if any, existing historical knowledge of system intricacies.
  • In each position, I have instilled sense of project and solution ownership; reinvigorated team spirit.

And here’s where it gets really interesting!

In early 2013 I discovered that I can bring my personal interest in energy work directly to businesses. I became aware that each business is an entity (separate from the person who created it) and has it’s own energy, personality and influences. This led me to question if I could connect with that energy to provide information the owners may not see. So, I tried it and with the information I provide, the changes have ranged from subtle to profound.

Subtle: With a client finally appreciating the good and steady progress she’s made and receiving an “unexplainable” increase in referrals.

Profound: With my client finally being okay with saying “no” to work that she would have taken in the past – even if it had gone against her values. She started opening up to the possibilities of new ways to generate revenue now that people are coming to her with needs she earlier ignored. Her business is now happily growing and she is consistently entertained by it.

“Carol Glover has a gift for seeing and sensing unseen influences, and then communicating in light, powerful ways that capture my imagination and gives me tools for further development and strategy that would not have come from traditional means.” CDG

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