While friends & family can be great resources, every Author can use a little extra support. Not a writer but would like things written for you? Keep reading, there are writing services for you as well!

Special Services for Authors By an Author

Writing Services by Carol GloverBefore Publication:

Beta Reading with Honest Feedback

  • One of the things I’m most thankful I did before launching my book was to have a beta reader (who isn’t a friend or family member!). Let’s face it, you and your editor spend a lot of time looking over every inch of your book or blog, things can be missed when you are that close. My beta reader found the sticky bits we missed. This gave me the chance to create an even better product!

 Summary Notes & Highlights

  • Summary notes are great to have when you’re developing your back matter, marketing copy and press packets. These notes can show you places that you may not have known would affect people that you will now be able to highlight to draw more people to your writing. They can also be a fantastic jumping off point for your Book Clubs!
  • Highlights are a great reference for developing your marketing copy!

After Publication:

Author Interviews

  • Yes, I read your book before the interview! I’ll devise a series of questions for you or you can provide some of your own. We will discuss the content of your book AND I’ll be sure your readers will also get to know you (the person behind the pen) a little better too.
  • I can interview you on my Writing on Air Radio Show (if it is a good fit for the venue), or on your own platform, as well as for video book launches & so many more possibilities. We can make these interviews available on my website, your website, Amazon Author Page, YouTube … well, anywhere these days! Find out more about My Radio Show.

Blog Comments

  • Almost nothing drives engagement on your blog like comments! Let me start the conversation for you. Google LOVES blog comments, I can make my comments keyword rich without being overloaded or obvious like those fake/spammy comments you see.

Not a Writer but You’d Like Things Written?

Ghostwriting of Articles and Blog Posts!

  • I’ll bet you have loads of untapped content. If you have hours of audio or pages of notes, send them over! I’ll pull your highlights and create articles up to 1500 words and blog posts up to 750 words.
  • Do you have a regular radio show or podcast? Let me know and I’ll create your articles/blog posts automatically!
  • Here are two of my current writing projects: Inspired Choices Network Magazine, and ICI Property Performance. Do you need a service I haven’t listed here? Just ask! If I can’t provide the service I bet I know someone I can recommend.

Light Editorial Work

  • Do you have a manual or professional “playbook” to prepare? Send me the raw document(s) and I’ll assemble and/or review what you have to make sure it presents your content in the best way possible.

Let’s Get Started!

Do you need a service I haven’t listed here? Just ask! If I can’t provide the service I bet I know someone I can recommend.