I love to write! You can find one of my blogs here on this site.

I also write for fun at The Cottage Wife where I write about all things cottage lifestyle, with a focus on living in and with nature.

Beyond my blogs, I have published two books and I also write for clients.

The Clumsy Girl's Guide to GreatnessThe Clumsy Girl’s Guide to Greatness

This book contains “OHHH-wareness,” exercises, and tools that I have absorbed from Christianity, Paganism, Reiki, Nature, Access Consciousness, Crystal Andrus, Danielle LaPorte, etc. What I’m offering here is an honest representation of what I have come to learn is the easiest, most efficient way to recognize, appreciate, and embrace your own greatness.

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The Power of Releasing Judgment

The Power of Releasing Judgment (Contributing Author)

In The Power of Releasing Judgment, #1 bestselling authors show exceptionally powerful, pragmatic tools for changing your life for the better starting right now. Judgment serves to destroy, releasing judgment generates joy, happiness, peace, forgiveness, and freedom to choose fresh for your life.

Available in Kindle & Paperback formats. Find out More & Purchase

If you would like me to write for you, either as a guest post or ghost writing, please contact me to explore what’s possible!