Note to Self: Empowerment: 7 Steps to Help You Find … by Trina Hall

This is NOT a “there-there-baby” kind of book!

Trina means empowerment when she says it. And she means it when she says “call me” if you think you have no one in your corner! I get the sense that Trina is the kind of person who will pick you up, dust you off (gently), then give you map and good push on your way. This book provides practical steps and navigation tools to get you standing back on your feet no matter who (or what) has knocked you down. In this book, Trina holds space for you and guides you through each of the 7 Steps.

I can’t really say any more without giving it all away … just GET THE BOOK!

Oh and you definitely don’t want to miss Trina’s “10 Perfect Reasons NOT to Be Perfect!” That alone is worth the price of the book (or more)!

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