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“Writing allows us to release the emotion of what is in our lives so we can begin to heal.” Parrish Wilson

Parrish Wilson is a Writing Coach for women who feel like they have words in their soul that MUST be expressed. Whether those words are meant to be published and shared with the world, or kept in your journal for your eyes only, they are valuable and deserve to find their place on the page.
Parrish’s mission is to create safe and accessible opportunities for women to explore written self-expression. And she does this very well! Parrish regularly offers online writing workshops and programs that encourage writers to “just write” and to bring their craft to the world (if that is their wish). All levels and genres of writers are welcome to join the communities that Parrish creates.
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Boy did we have a fantastic conversation about writing! Eventually we got around to making time to write. Here is some of what Parrish Wilson and I talked about…

Parrish believes that a community space for writing is important because it gives us a safe space to discuss our challenges and victories without judgment. A community of writers can also provide us with inspiration and guidance when we require it. Parrish shares with us the many ways she creates this safe and inspirational space for writers.

We discussed some of the things that keep us from writing:

  • We judge ourselves more harshly than others would and that often stops us from even beginning.
  • We doubt our talent or that we have anything unique or valuable to say.
  • We fear the response we may receive from others.
  • We don’t know how to switch from writing for academia or business into writing for self-expression.

It is here that Parrish encouraged us to simply begin. Begin writing, just for you. In time you will discover the voice that is your soul’s expression. This is the voice that can’t be found if you don’t begin.

And then there’s the challenge of finding time to write…

How do you find (or make) the time to write?

Well, of course the first step is to choose it to be a priority!

Although there’s plenty of pressure for writers to write every day, that simply doesn’t always work. Would you tell a painter that they’re not an artist if they don’t paint every day? Of course not! So why would the art of writing be any different? Let the pressure go! Make the timing work for you! Writing every day may not be possible but you can always find time for the things that matter to you.

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