Real Artists Don’t Starve by Jeff Goins

There is a long held image of the tortured artist – mostly held by starving, bleary-eyed, vice-addled artists I think.

In this book, Jeff Goins not only dispels the image of the suffering artist, he shares evidence that the opposite is possible.

What I like most about this book is the way the author not only tells stories, but in those stories he provides clues to the characteristics and practices that set thriving artists apart from the starving ones.

Jeff Goins doesn’t say “do this” or “be like that” I wouldn’t take his word for it – who is this Jeff guy anyway! But when he says Earnest Hemingway moved to put himself in the best space for his craft or Van Gogh apprenticed with another famous artist first … I’m going to pay attention! (I listened to the audio book so those details might be mixed up – you get the idea).

And if you’re not paying attention to the guideposts…

The stories alone are inspiring enough to get you out of a creative funk and back into making your Art. In this book, Jeff Goins affirms that being a Thriving Artist is not only possible, it has been done before. In fact, thriving through your Art has been done for centuries. Why on earth then would we Artists have this crazy idea that we must suffer to express our genius?

Thanks again Jeff Goins for creating yet another book that I’ll end up with multiple copies of! I purchased the audio book to listen to while I drive and now I have to get hardcopies. I’ll probably get two: one that I’m going to keep on my desk to inspire me on the “UGH” days, and one copy to lend out to my friends. I am NOT giving up my copy! My copy is going to have notes scribbled in the margins and tabs so I can find the best parts. It may even have some highlighting. I hope Jeff doesn’t mind that I will actually USE his book!

Click the link above for the Kindle version or click here for the hard copy.

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