Simone de Haas: Speaker’s Director

Simone de Haas is creative, not conventional.

Your conversation may be with just one person, or an audience of thousands. It may be live, online, or forever captured in a book. ​You desire to know that you can deliver your message with confidence, without awkwardly expressing your ideas or story.

Simone de Haas believes that there is a totally different and truly authentic way of presenting YOU to the world. You’ll be thrilled to know this is not by programming yourself into being someone you’re not. Simone has a way that allows you to confidently make the difference that you desire! ​

Simone has a brilliance with stage and story that has been honed by a theatrically inspired career of over 30 years. She is a Matilda-award-winning Theatre Director, Producer and Performer, and an International Speaker. She is an expert in the areas of leadership communication, public speaking skills & story-telling for leaders, speakers, entrepreneurs and authors. And she is here to assist us in getting out from behind our writing.

Simone also offers a Story Alchemy course online which can get you more comfortable with getting out from behind your books!

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Speaking about your writing: the real WHY

One of the things many writers dread is the thought of speaking about our writing. That’s why we write: so we don’t have to talk to people right?! That’s exactly why I invited Simone de Haas to come give us some pointers about getting out from behind our books. We all want successful book launches and/or speaking careers based on our writing, so why not get good at speaking about our writing?

In this episode, Simone guides us through a few key ideas that any writer can consider while preparing for our events. These include:

  • Preparing for our events: including the differences in preparation between a book launch, an interview and a keynote
  • Ways to build relationships with our audience through individual conversations and story-telling
  • The use of media (pictures and presentation “slides”)
  • a lot more!

One of the key points we discuss is the notion that whether we’re writing fiction or self-help, there’s a deeper reason why you really want to bother speaking about your writing. It’s not just about selling more books, it’s the why you wrote in the first place. Now … doesn’t that take the pressure off the speaking just a little? No? Well, not to worry, you can still become confident about getting out from behind your book.

Simone also offers a Story Alchemy course online which can get you more comfortable with getting out from behind your books!

Listen to the whole show below:

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