• Life Lessons from Two Old Guys
    My Dad passed away in May of 2018, one week from his 88th birthday. I was truly blessed with this man for a dad. He wasn’t perfect – which makes him even better.   Then, a cottage neighbour’s Dad – a super awesome and lively fellow – also passed away. I don’t recall his exact age but he was well in his 80’s too. Whenever we’d talk to him over the fence between our driveways,
  • broken man
    He resides in that broken home, not living, not dying. He resides in that broken home, not living, not dying. Holes in the ceiling between upstairs and down, nature forcing its way in through the floor. All he wears is white boxers and a white t-shirt, the last remaining hints of a purity long past. He exists, faithful dog at his side, in this place with no hope. He wanders from room to room, or
  • Simone de Haas
    Simone de Haas is creative, not conventional. Your conversation may be with just one person, or an audience of thousands. It may be live, online, or forever captured in a book. ​You desire to know that you can deliver your message with confidence, without awkwardly expressing your ideas or story. Simone de Haas believes that there is a totally different and truly authentic way of presenting YOU to the world. You’ll be thrilled to know this
  • Anthrodesk
    Can Writing be Part of a Healthy Lifestyle? The trouble with writing is, it’s a sit-down activity. This means that I’m often sitting for most of my day, both for “my real job” and for my blogs and other writing stuff. Simply Google “health risks of too much sitting” and you’ll find a myriad of information about it – so I’ll spare you the rundown here. I found myself dreading the idea of going into
  • The Sticky Keyboard square
    Rather than talking again about how I haven’t written properly for a couple months … because … well … you know … life. Work has been extremely busy and I find myself too exhausted for my imagination to kick in. Wait! That’s a lie! My imagination kicks in as I’m trying to fall asleep. For example, last night I had a brilliant scene jump into my mind just as I was drifting off. I knew
  • Am I invisible?
    Yesterday, in a Facebook group, a member was curious if anyone else was feeling invisible lately or if it was just her. Naturally I had to stop and explore if this was something in my life. As I looked around my life and the situations I’ve been in lately, I noticed that it wasn’t so much a feeling of being invisible that was playing in my world but a sense of being called forward. I’ve