The Thirteenities: Leading Tweens to Lives of Greatness and Goodness

It’s taken me a long time to write the book review for this important book about Tweens, for the simple fact that I was missing a word and no others would fit. Today the word came to me. The word is Dignity.

This book should be a the top of the reading list for anyone living or working with Tweens.

Times have changed since we’ve been there. Our Tweens have different challenges than we had. In fact, we didn’t face similar (social) challenges until well into our teens today there are even more hurdles that we don’t have the tools for … until now.

Of course we still desire to guide our children to be responsible, responsive, caring and productive members of society as they mature. How do we do that when we’re not equipped for what our children face? Often, we forget that these people we are raising have thoughts and inspirations that will take us into the future. We forget that they are not “children” to be directed and dictated to. We tend to stifle and control rather than guide and empower.

There is another way. There is a way with less stress and conflict. Martti‘s book is the guide you are seeking. The Thirteenities provides the tools we require to navigate and guide the development of our young adults and while maintaining the dignity and consideration of all. This book could potentially maintain and even enhance your relationship with your “child” well into adulthood.

Thank you Martti for this very important book on parenting youth in this millennium.

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