Trina Hall: Empowerment Agent

Trina Hall is an award-winning and bestselling author of the new book, Note to Self: Empowerment: 7 Steps to Help You Find Your True Self, Purpose, and Power Within.

Trina Hall is also a blogger, speaker, life coach, and has written articles for an Australian magazine. Trina has recently co-hosted television talk shows that are aired in Pittsburgh. She is now furthering her career in television. Whether it be through her writing or in person, she has an innate gift to lessen suffering and transform lives.

In her book “Note to Self: Empowerment: 7 Steps to Help You Find Your True Self, Purpose, and Power Within,” Trina balances vulnerability, compassion and unwavering strength to inspire, motivate and empower you. Through engaging storytelling, she provides profound wisdom, incredible insights, valuable tips and simple exercises in order to avoid needless suffering.

Just when you think you have no one in your corner … Trina Hall shows up!

Writing has long been a tool for Trina to express the parts of her life that she was unable to share with anyone in her life. Note to Self isn’t her first book but it is the first to be published for the world to see. It turns out, as she re-reads it, it continues to empower her! Now that’s an empowering book!

In our conversation, we go on a whirlwind tour of Trina’s 7 Steps to Help You Find Your True Self, Purpose, and Power Within. A few of these steps are: 

Discover Your Truth: This is about facing where you stand now – the good, and the not so good. Once you discern what is true for you instead of believing other’s points of view, everything can change.

Learn to Trust Yourself: After so many “bad” choices, it can be a challenge to begin trusting yourself again; it can be done. Trina shares some ideas on how to come back to this place of trust.

“Once you trust yourself more and more, it will lead you to better choices” – Trina Hall

Remove Toxic People: OH BOY! This is a biggie and Trina gives us some signs to recognize toxic people and ways to remove them from our lives.

Note to Self: Empowerment is a practical guide to reclaiming your life and standing in your power. Trina definitely means it when she says “call me” if you think there is no one there for you.

Oh! And you’ve got to read Trina’s “10 Perfect Reasons NOT to Be Perfect!”

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