Calm, Caring, Accepting, Supportive, Clear and Sensing the Unseen

Don’t take my word for it! Let my clients tell you about the contribution I’ve been to their lives and businesses through these testimonials.

Business Advisor:

“How amazing is Carol? It is nearly impossible to sum it up in a brief recommendation. Carol’s attention to detail is astounding, match that with her determination to grow your business and to ensure you are maximizing your time to get the best results, it is safe to say Carol is a must in any business plan…in fact she will help you with that too.” RH

“Carol is the kind of business coach you want in your corner when details and figures are not your strong point. She has a way of bringing out the best in people and helping them see solutions instead of problems.” CB

“The transformation in my company is astounding. With Carol directing me I now have all the operations, procedures and policies in place to take my company to the next level. Easy to work with, extremely professional . Definitely worth the investment!” GH

“Carol is a very caring individual whose expertise and reliability put her at the front in her field. I would not hesitate to recommend Carol to anyone who is looking to grow their business.” JB

Energy Work:

“Carol Glover’s Business Energy Infusions have had a profound, positive impact on my relationship with my business. She has a gift for seeing and sensing unseen influences, and then communicating in light, powerful ways that capture my imagination and gives me tools for further development and strategy that would not have come from traditional means. Carol’s work is unprecedented as new patterns of understandings expand into ordinary life.” CDG

“This Business Energy Infusion has been with me for these days and I have been ‘in it’ and seeing where the differences are, or can be chosen, known and invited in….no words, really!” MM

” Carol embodies a space that is calm, deep and accepting. In taking my first Access Bars class with Carol I have noticed a lingering effect of curiosity, excitement and change that continues to grow three weeks later.  I look forward to many new adventures and further expansion of Access Consciousness training with her.” CB

“OMG Carol! The gratitude teeter totter is still tipped your way! I am absolutely thrilled with your teaching skills and I want to adopt you as my mentor. Everything you did and said totally resonated with me. Thank you for all that you do for so many of us and blessing you for your acceptance of this knowledge and wisdom that you so generously share.” MF

“Business Energy Readings have helped my business to come into its own. My business feels so much more like a creative expression of me now! Thank you Carol for giving me clarity.” HH