When on The Road To Enlightenment ~ Kellie Fitzgerald

In Kellie Fitzgerald’s book “When on The Road to Enlightenment Don’t Forget to Take Out The Trash” she calls out the darker bits of life.

Kellie Fitzgerald doesn’t hide from them or pretend they don’t exist. She acknowledges the darkness and offers practical tools and ideas to reach beyond it. She explains why it is so valuable to acknowledge and release the anger, hurt, and sorrow as a means to facilitate enlightenment. I’m now convinced that “enlightenment” is more a conscious state of being more so than a spiritual goal.

I really like the way Kellie doesn’t go on and on about her own story; she uses them occasionally to illustrate a point. She concentrates on providing the tools from her extensive tool chest to acknowledge and release the darkness of being. This facilitates the “enlightened” way of being that is available to each of us (however we describe it).

This is a fast read with easily actionable options anyone can use – when they’re ready.

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