I Am a Writer: My Characters Keep Me Up at Night

I think I can officially call myself a writer now! I’ve had my book keep me up at night as it played out scenes in my head.

Allow me to back up a bit … Sunday night I got online with a few writer girlfriends. We are all working on writing projects – I’m the only one working on fiction at the moment. We just get online together, mute the lines and write. Somehow it’s a lot of fun to have company even if there’s no talking. See my previous post about whether community makes a difference.

Anyway, I got 540 words down that night. And then I tried to sleep! Emphasis on tried … I could see the story line developing like watching a movie as I lay in bed debating whether I should get up and keep writing or hope I remember it in the morning. I chose the latter. I was a tired girl Monday morning after that!

Then last night, as I tried to sleep, the next scene ran through my mind like a movie. This time it came with a wicked case of heartburn at 1:44 am so I had to get up. Apparently the story is getting pushy. But, I figured that since I was up, I may as well actually write it down. I didn’t want to turn on any lights so I grabbed my notebook and started writing in the dark. To be clear, it wasn’t pitch dark; I had the ambient city light.

Writing in The Dark

Now writing in the dark is sure an experience! I couldn’t go back to correct anything as I went along. At one point I put my notebook down to adjust the blanket I had wrapped around me and when I went to pick the book back up to continue writing I couldn’t tell which way was up! First I got up and went to the window to see if I could get a bit more city light. That didn’t work. Then I went to the coffee maker in the kitchen; it’s blue light beaming quietly in the night. That didn’t work either. Still reluctant to turn on a real light, I opened the fridge and voila! I had enough light to find where I left off.

It was actually a wonderful experience though I wouldn’t want to be kept up every night for it. I’m certain lives will be spared if I get proper sleep. Admittedly, I am tired again this morning. Thank goodness for coffee!

After Brian left for work I got to putting what I wrote in the dark into the word document on my computer. In the dark I wrote over 1000 words! That’s more than I seem to be able to write during normal working hours! And it is probably some of my best writing so far – out of the 17,000ish words I now have.

The More Wacky it Comes to Me the Better I Get!

WHEW this is getting exciting! I am a writer! The only catch is that the better I get the more I write, the more I want to go back and add to or change stuff I’ve already written. What would you do?

Oh and I think I’m dropping a character already. It was starting to get too complicated to weave. I’m having so much fun with this project!

Now I guess I best get on with my regular day.

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