Who Are You Writing For? ~ Guest Cheri Caddick

There are so many reasons WHY we write: self expression or exploration, business, instruction, the list goes on. Have you ever considered WHO you are writing for? Does that make a difference in HOW you write? This is another important conversation with Cheri Caddick in which we tackle the ins and outs of knowing your audience.

We covered 3 main aspects of knowing who you are writing for:

  1. Always write for yourself first!

  2. Know your audience.

  3. Watch your language.

Write for Yourself First – This is important as it allows us to write more freely. Writing things we are interested in and know about helps our writer’s voice to emerge. As Cheri has said before “if you’re not happy writing, your audience won’t be happy reading.”

Know Your Audience – This can influence every aspect of writing and marketing your book. For example, thinking you’re writing for a 40-something woman but putting them in the context of the lifestyle of a 25 year old simply won’t work as well for your reader. Well … not unless you’re writing for the women who still think and act like they’re 25! Writing about relevant topics for the people you wish to appeal to is also important for getting your book found. Think of the things they’ll be searching for and be sure you’re there!

Watch Your Language – Have you ever listened to an older adult try to “talk hip” to a young adult? It’s just awkward and … weird. Or have you referenced an icon from your generation to someone much older and they just don’t get what you mean? YA … that’s why it’s important to watch your language! Cheri goes on to remind us to beware of cultural appropriation in your writing. It may not be wise to write as if you know about something you’ve never experienced or try to assume how another way of life might be. You’ll most likely end up alienating your readers with that tactic.

If need be, educate yourself before writing the parts that aren’t in your wheelhouse.

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