You Are a Writer by Jeff Goins

I’m on a little bit of a bender with reading books about writing. This is one by Jeff Goins, I really like.  … And there’s one thing that REALLY bugs me about it. First, the good stuff:

The way Jeff Goins writes is light and easy to read (or listen to).

Some of the analogies he draws struck me as hilarious … and bang on. Take, for example, the analogy of his relationship with writing being like an on-and-off relationship with a girlfriend. Who can’t relate to that?! And yes, you write like crazy when you first start to write and then eventually, it can get boring. See the resemblance? The best part is that after drawing the analogy, he leads you to a new and even better relationship with your writing!

Irony makes me chuckle. In this book, Jeff Goins points out plenty of it. That’s why I see his writing as “light.” One of the ironies that really made me laugh was the one about him being “the pretty girl.” I’ll leave it at that, go read the book! Oh, he also has a pretty quirky sense of humor in general and he’s not afraid to use it.

Jeff Goins writes like a real person.

He’s not one of these “expert” writers who uses big words or too many words to sound smart. He just is smart and doesn’t need to lord it over us. He makes his point, and he does it in a concise and un-superior-ass way. (Yes that’s my new word and I like it!) If he does point out one of the things writers do to screw themselves, he points it out because he’s done it. He tells you how he’s done it and how he got out of it.

Jeff isn’t afraid to give credit to other writers who have said great things about writing. That’s right, he doesn’t proclaim himself as the only guy to have said something awesome about our craft! He tells us what about the other writer has inspired him, and why that’s such great stuff. Oh and he also provides hard proof about how Great Authors have put what he’s saying into practice and the difference it made for them.

First he inspires, then he shows you how.

If you get past the first half of the book and still want to try this writing thing, Jeff Goins has inspired you. In fact, in the first half of the book, he has probably inspired you so much you’ll be willing to take (at least) some of the steps in the second half of the book. Admittedly I may never take all of the steps he outlines, but at least now I know what I can choose from.

Okay, now for the thing that REALLY bugs me about this book …. dun-dun-duhhhh

I purchased the audio version of the book and now I have to go get the print version! You Are a Writer is one of the books I want to read again and again and make notes to myself in the margins. This is one of the books I know I will have that ends up dogeared on the corner of my desk (not high up on a shelf like a trophy). Great strategy Jeff … get your readers to buy 2 copies!

You can get the hard copy here. And find Jeff’s blog here.

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